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Summer is fast approaching and I can’t wait for the long sun-filled days. Sandals, and flip-flops, and totes, oh my!

At each change of a season, I look forward to switching up my look. Because of this, I change up my wardrobe, color palette, makeup, and even nail polish. By purchasing a few budget-friendly accessories, you can instantly transform your look for summer. I’ve found these summer accessories under $33 that are cute and wallet-friendly. Being on a budget doesn’t have to stop you from sprucing up your look. Just remember to stay within your personal spending money category from your zero-based monthly budget.

Start with Jewelry

Add a few jewelry items to transition your look. Accessories are a quick, trendy and budget-friendly way to add that summer touch.

In most cases, I gravitate to gold. Gold jewelry pairs well with bright, fun patterns. Lately, I’ve learned that buying expensive seasonal jewelry is not practical. If you want to splurge, save your cash for traditional, classic jewelry that is timeless. With this in mind, find reasonably priced seasonal jewelry. Just make sure the items are decent looking, not too cheap or tacky.

For example, these inexpensive gold hoop earrings were a steal and a great addition to my summer wardrobe. I can dress up even the most casual summer outfits with these earrings.

Summer accessories. Gold dangling earrings for $4.90.

I love the look of layered bracelets, but can’t stand the sound of them clanking all over the place. This cuff bracelet gives the look of layered bracelets without the annoying sound.

Summer Accessories. Gold cuff layered bracelet. $7.90

Add a Trendy Tote or Purse for Summer Accessories on a Budget

Straw totes and purses personify summer and vacation. Lately, straw totes are everywhere. I’ve been dying to add one to my summer wardrobe that didn’t cost a fortune.

Don’t Forget to Shop your Stash for Summer Accessories

Also, don’t forget to shop your stash. Clean out your jewelry and purse stash. See if any items can be incorporated into your summer wardrobe. Blend some of your classic items with colorful trendy summer pieces to achieve a pulled together summer look.

While you’re at it, find your beach or pool bag and place it in a conspicuous spot that you’ll see everyday. Not only will it help you decorate a bit for the summer, but it will also remind you to take some time to enjoy the summer.

Getting ready for Summer doesn’t have to be Expensive

Adding a few jewelry items and a new purse is a budget-friendly way to get your wardrobe ready for the summer. After all, accessories are an easy and quick way to change your look. Scour small budget-friendly boutique shops for summer accessories. Be creative, and don’t let the excuse of living on a budget stop you from creating a fun summer look. Shop your stash, and display items where you can readily see them. You’ll be summer-ready in no time!

Share your summer accessory tips on a budget. What are you dying to start wearing this summer?

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