Fall Decorating on a Budget

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Fall decorating on a budget doesn’t have to look cheap or boring. Deck out your house with fabulous and classy looks without paying a fortune. Getting those Fall vibes doesn’t have to be over the top, difficult or complicated. Adding small touches and reusing what you already own is all that’s needed. Think outside of the box and decorate for Fall without breaking the bank. If you’re short on cash right now, don’t let that stop you from decorating for Fall. Here are 6 Fall decorating tips on a budget.

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Check your stash first for Fall Decorating on a Budget

It’s easy to get a little crazy. I totally get it. Every year, the Fall excitement builds up as you start seeing everyone post their Fall hauls and decorating videos. It’s easy to get caught up but resist the temptation. Pull out your own stash first. Fall decorating happens once a year, so it’s easy to forget what you have. Promise yourself that you won’t buy anything until you’ve gone through your own stash first. Or, you’ll end up like me with a ton of small pumpkins that you have to store each year.

Check your entire stash including linens, pillows, throw blankets, and kitchen items too. Decorating isn’t just about the cute seasonal knick-knacks. The worse part is finding something after the season is over, and waiting another whole year to use it. Take pics after you’ve decorated, so you can easily check to make sure you remembered to display everything this time next year.

Reuse what you have

Don’t throw out items that are out of style. Reuse what you have and weave them into your normal items. Here are some ideas:

  • Repaint items a new color.
    • Neutral colored pumpkins are super trendy right now. If you have a stash of craft pumpkins that you’ve collected through the years, repaint them instead of throwing them out and buying new ones.
    • Trace over Fall signs with a permanent or paint marker.
    • Use a white dry-brush method to quickly tone down brightly colored items to make them look weathered or antique-looking.
  • Reuse items in a different way. Try placing items in different areas of your house where you normally wouldn’t think to use them.
    • Use your favorite throw or a scarf as a table runner or a sofa blanket throw.
    • Put sofa throw pillows on your bed instead.
    • Place a bowl of Fall fruit on your coffee table, instead of leaving it on your kitchen table or counter.

Use natural items to decorate on a budget

Fall is all about the seasonal changes and how that changes our landscape. Use items from nature to highlight all of the beautiful fruit and vegetables that Fall brings. Decorate with branches, twigs, leaves, and pine cones. Go outside and find some of these items for free. This is a quick and easy way to decorate for Fall on a budget. Here are some ideas:

  • Fill a bowl or a basket with apples, cinnamon sticks, leaves, and pine cones. (And yes, those are fake leaves. Here in sunny Southern California, Fall leaves are nowhere in sight.)
  • Fill a mason jar with small acorns and tie off with a piece of twine.
  • Use a pumpkin as a centerpiece for your dining room table or your fireplace mantle.
  • Use leaves, twigs, and branches in your plants or floral centerpieces. All you need are a few to add a Fall touch.

Think outside of the box

Who says everything needs to be plastered with cute Fall sayings and motifs? Sure, they’re fun and I do admit that I’m a sucker for them, but adding a few touches of Fall is all that you need to do. Just think outside of the box!

Look at your items in a different way. Use empty glass vases, mason jars, and bowls that you normally store in forgotten cupboards or shelves. Fill them with pine cones, small pumpkins, and branches. Try this trick with woven baskets, trays, or containers too. Check your kitchen pantry too. Use dried goods like beans, popcorn, and coffee beans. Fill a glass jar, tie a piece of raffia or twine around it, and call it a day. Add a few natural touches to tie the look together. This jar of coffee beans is sitting in my office, and it smells divine too.

Work with your normal color palette. Don’t try to replace it all with Fall colors. Switching your decorating perspective will help you see your items in a whole different light. It will challenge you to make things work. Add a few touches here and there to tie it all together. Your whole house doesn’t need to be fully decked out to highlight the warmth of Fall.

Get Crafty

If you’re crafty, what are you waiting for? Hop onto Pinterest and get inspired. Check out my Frugal Fall Pinterest board for some great ideas. Just price it out first. Sometimes it’s cheaper to buy an item than to make it yourself. Try crafts that you’re familiar with and have the supplies for. If your DIY masterpiece doesn’t go as planned, you won’t be disappointed that you just spent money on it.

Don’t overthink it either. Basic crafts with normal everyday items with paper, scissors, and markers can look fabulous too. Don’t get caught up with all of the craft ideas that require fancy equipment like the Cricut Maker. I did at first, but I will admit, I own one now (one of my debt-free gifts to myself) and I love it! Check out the Cricut Fall banner and the one I made myself. Comment at the end of the blog which one you like best.

DIY Cricut Fall Banner
DIY Fall Banner

Buy intentionally

If you buy any Fall decorations, do it intentionally instead of on a whim. It’s easy to get carried away and then find yourself left with a ton of decorations that are gaudy or don’t fit your decorating style. You also don’t want to get stuck with a ton of Fall pillows or similar Fall signs that you need to store later. I know how tempting it is though. Resist the urge to buy another adorable “Hello Fall” decoration if you have 5 more just like it at home.

After you’ve decorated with what you have on hand, make a list of the items that you want to add that fits your budget. Don’t assume that the Dollar Tree or the Target’s Dollar Spot has the best deals. Check out your local craft store like Michaels for sales and coupons too.

Amazon is a great place to shop for deals too. Check out this set of four Fall pillow covers. I also bought these Halloween pillows. These fit perfectly over my current sofa throw pillows and will be a cinch to store after. Just remove, and fold up after! What a great idea. Where have I been? I wish I knew about these sooner!

Here’s a deal from Amazon for pumpkins and leaves that cost significantly less than buying them separately at a dollar store. You can place these all over your house to add small touches for Fall.

Final Thoughts on Fall Decorating on a Budget

Decorating for Fall doesn’t have to be an all-out expensive makeover. Using what you already own is a great way to spruce up your place. Use natural items, think outside of the box, and get crafty. Shop intentionally and you won’t be left with a pile of Fall decorations that you don’t know what to do with. These Fall decorating ideas are easy, fun, and will have your home ready in no time. Happy Fall Decorating!

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