Best Cash Envelope Wallet: Savvy Cents Wallet

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Are you wondering what’s the best way to carry around your cash envelopes? Or maybe you’ve been using cash envelopes, but feel like you’re missing something? Style maybe? Perhaps, you want something discreet that doesn’t shout out to the world that you’re using cash envelopes. Do you find yourself fumbling through cash envelopes at the cash register? Are you wondering what to do with your loose change? Then read my review of the best cash envelope wallet: the Savvycents Wallet. It’s your solution to all of your cash envelope questions.

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Before I start my review, let me back up and explain what the cash envelope system is all about.

You’ll quickly see why I love my Savvycents Wallet and why it works so well with my cash envelopes.  

What is the cash envelope system?

The cash envelope system is one of the simplest, and most effective budgeting systems out there. You decide how much you want to spend on problem areas like groceries, entertainment, or personal spending money. Pull the cash out of the bank, stick it in an envelope, and spend only the cash from that envelope for each category. When the money is gone, you’re done. Click here to learn more about the cash envelope system.

Why I love my Savvy
Cents Wallet

I love my Savvy Cents Wallet! First of all, it’s a functional wallet that acts like a fully contained cash envelope system. The wallet has all of the normal features you look for in a lady’s wallet: two clear card holders, six card slot holders, and a zippered coin holder. The amazing feature that sets it apart from other wallets is the customizable accordion file system with plastic tabbed dividers. Each compartment can be labeled with your cash envelope categories. Say goodbye to carrying around different cash envelopes or a small accordion file organizer.

Best of all, it fulfills all of my requirements for a good cash envelope system. All other solutions failed in comparison. Not only is it stylish, but it’s discrete, stores cash easily,  and has a separate compartment to store my change. I wish I would have bought my Savvycents Wallet sooner. 

Benefits of the Savvycents Wallet

Savvycents Wallet is stylish but still functional 

My biggest gripe about using plain old cash envelopes or a small accordion file is the lack of style. Plain envelopes or a small accordion file are cheap and easy ways to incorporate a cash envelope system. But the envelopes just wouldn’t fit neatly in my wallet. I would cram them in my wallet, and pull them out to find the one I needed at the cash register. I ended up carrying the envelopes in my purse, so I could easily access them. This was extremely annoying and not at all functional. I hated that I couldn’t use my regular wallet. I resorted to using a small plastic accordion file instead. It was a step up from the envelopes, but still not stylish. 

Cash is discretely organized in the Savvycents Wallet

No one will know that you’re using a cash envelope system with the Savvycents Wallet. The accordion file makes accessing cash a breeze. You don’t need to pull out a cash envelope. Before my Savvycents Wallet, I had so much anxiety rifling through separate envelopes or my accordion file. I ended up hiding my envelopes in my purse, reaching in, secretly counting out what I needed, and then handing over the cash at the register. It felt extremely awkward, but I didn’t want to pull out all my envelopes and try to find the one I needed when everyone was watching me at the cash register.

With the Savvycents wallet accordion file built in, it’s easy to customize my cash envelope categories. I individually labeled mine with my Brother Label Maker. It’s organized without separate envelopes, and I can access my cash from a normal wallet and not a plastic accordion file.

Cash envelopes with cash for date night, mad money, groceries, and dining with a big X over it.

Savvycents Wallet accordion file with labels.

Green plastic small accordion file with a big red X over it.

Cash is easily accessible 

Your cash is safely tucked away in your wallet. It’s easy to sort through your wallet and find the category you’re spending from. You don’t need to pull out envelopes or your small accordion file at the cash register. You can simply pull out your wallet, reach in without anyone knowing that you’re using cash envelopes. Just thumb through your categories and locate your cash. The tabbed plastic dividers help you locate your cash quickly.

Savvycents Wallet has a zippered compartment for your change/coins

I love that I can store my change easily. With regular envelopes, I would throw the change in the envelope which would eventually fall out and land at the bottom of my purse. I hated separately storing the change from the cash in the envelope. It defeated the purpose of having one place to store my cash. I had the same issue with a small accordion file.


Thoughts about the Savvycents Wallet

Before my Savvycents Wallet, I sacrificed style to incorporate the cash envelope system. I lugged around regular envelopes, a small accordion file, and even used my DIY cash holders in my regular wallet. Nothing fulfilled all of my requirements for style, discreetness, accessibility, and coin storage. As you can see, the Savvycents wallet answers all of these problems. I can’t believe it took me this long to finally buy it. I can honestly say that the Savvy Cents Wallet is worth every penny. It’s an investment worth spending your hard-earned cash on. You’ll earn back your investment in no time. It’s fashionable, functional without shouting to the world that you’re using cash envelopes. Click here to get yours today. You won’t regret it!

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  1. I love my Savvycents wallet! Now, I’m able to carry around a stylish wallet and still use a cash envelope system. All of my cash is neatly organized and easily accessible. I don’t have anxiety at the cash register anymore, and I continue saving thousands each year. Try the Savvycents wallet for yourself. You won’t regret it!

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