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You need to read these 3 easy tips to Spring Clean on a Budget. In a 2019 National Cleaning Survey, 77% of Americans spring clean every year. Chances are, you’ll be spending the next few weeks in spring-cleaning mode too. It’s easy to catch the spring cleaning fever and overspend on pricey cleaning and organizational products.

Before I decided to become debt-free, I didn’t think twice about spending money on cleaning and organization supplies. If I’m being honest about it, I didn’t worry about it, but I have something to confess to. I have “aspirational organization syndrome.” Basically, I dream of being a cleaning pro and organization diva. Of course, aspirational organization syndrome is just something I came up with. But if you dream of having neatly organized labeled closets, kitchens, and pantries at any cost, then you too might be suffering from it too.

The reason why I bring this up is that I used to rationalize spring cleaning as a reason to overspend. Recreating Pinterest worthy images at any cost used to be my mantra. I still love looking at the gorgeous color-coordinated, organized, labeled closets and kitchen pantries, but now I’m much smarter at how I go about it. I used to think that I needed to spend a fortune to achieve these looks. So, here’s my challenge to you. Spend the least amount possible on Spring cleaning this year. Start small and follow these 3 easy tips for Spring Cleaning on a budget. You’ll get your house spic and span without spending a ton of cash.  

3 Easy Tips to Spring Clean on a Budget

Step #1 Create a Plan with a clipboard image with 4 checklists on it. Pink, white background with black brush strokes and black and white polka dots on corners.
1. Create a Plan

Before you jump in and start cleaning like a mad person, make a simple plan. Map out which areas of your house you need to tackle and set a realistic timeline. If you work full-time as I do, break up bigger tasks into smaller bite-sized jobs that you can easily do a few days after work. Schedule the heavy-duty cleaning tasks for the weekends or on your days off.

Search Pinterest for a ton of Spring cleaning checklists and inspiration if you don’t know where to start. Just make sure that your plan works for you and your family. Prioritize the main cleaning tasks you have to do and stick to those. You don’t have to do each and every single spring-cleaning task ever thought of. Do what you can and don’t beat yourself up if it’s different from everyone else.

Start cleaning and organizing one specific area at a time. Stay focused and don’t move on until you’re finished. You’ll get more accomplished and will feel less stressed if you follow your plan. Only move on when that area is complete.

I used to haphazardly organize and spring clean in small bursts. When I became overwhelmed, I moved on to another area of the house. It used to drive my hubby crazy, as he would kindly clean up the aftermath that I left behind. Not completing an area is my way of coping with the disorganization and chaos. Now, I plan out my cleaning sprees with my hubby. We clean faster together and it’s easier to stay focused

2. Don’t buy products until you’ve assessed what you need
Step #2 Don't buy products until you've assessed what you need. Pink, white background with black brush strokes with cleaning products on bottom right corner.

Don’t use the excuse that you’re in the spring-cleaning mode to run out and splurge on pricey cleaning and organizational products. Assess what you have on hand and use up those products first. If you’re like me, I tend to overestimate how much of a product I’ll actually use.

If you need to buy anything, opt for budget-friendly supplies at your local discount dollar store. You don’t need to spend a fortune on name-brand cleaners. Most of the generic products are just as good. Some are even the brand-name versions disguised in simple packaging.

Try making some DIY cleaners at home. Most online recipes use the items you may have on hand. Here is a great YouTube video from the Clean My Space channel that walks you through several DIY cleaner recipes.

The organization industry is a multi-million industry for a reason. It feeds on every single one of our dreams to have a clean and organized home. You can have an organized home without spending a fortune by following these simple guidelines:

  • Hold off on purchasing organizational boxes, baskets or bins. You might find unused containers during the cleaning process. If you consolidate and downsize enough, you might find yourself left with a ton of empty containers that you can reuse.
  • Recycle old shoe boxes, cereal boxes, or mail packaging boxes. I like to experiment with these for a few months to see if my organization style fits my lifestyle.
  • Buy inexpensive organization bins from your discount dollar store or the thrift store.
  • Invest in organizational products only when you’re convinced that your system is working.
  • Don’t be afraid to change your organizational style. We evolve and change our styles, tastes, and hobbies throughout the years. Donate or throw out items you don’t need anymore. You’ll have less to store and clean in the long run.
2. Purge before you start cleaning
Step #3 Purge before you start cleaning. Pink, white background with black brush strokes and black and white polka dots on corners. Small figure throwing items in a recycle trash can in bottom right corner.

I know most of you want to dive right in and start cleaning away, but purge and throw out items first. Don’t be afraid to toss expired, worn-out, or broken items. Donate items that you no longer need. It will help spring-clean on a budget faster and make the experience more enjoyable too.

I recently caught myself wondering why I was putting back expired cans into my cupboard. First of all, I should have just thrown out the expired cans or donated items I would never use.

I spent time cleaning, prepping and storing items that should have just been thrown out in the first place. I wasted time and effort trying to figure out how to stack and store the cans I thought I needed. Now, I purge items first before I start cleaning. Cleaning up is easier and faster now. I have less to worry about and have fewer items to put away after.

This also helps you visually see what you have. You’ll be less tempted to spend money on organization products when you have less to store and put away.

Final Thoughts

Spring Cleaning doesn’t have to break your budget. With these 3 easy tips, you’ll spruce up your home and get ready for Spring without spending a fortune. Make a plan before you jump in, use what you have before buying more, and purge before you start cleaning. Don’t use spring cleaning as an excuse to overspend like I used to. You can have a fresh-smelling, clean, organized home without busting your budget. Incorporate these 3 tips on how to Spring clean on a budget. You’ll love the results and the fact that you spent the least amount possible too!

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